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The flexibility of Rapid Logistics has been vital to support the growth of our business in the past years and has allowed eBay to focus on our core tasks. ”

Lotta Lindquist-Brosjo
Director of Authentication eBay Europe

Tech driven logistics provider

Technology Driven

We automate your logistics operations, integrate your programs and databases, and provide a seamless employee and customer experience without increasing costs. Our intuitive API easily connects to your Shopify, e-commerce and/or ERP systems. We help you to automate your logistics operations so you can put effort into things that require a human touch.

Warehouse Footprint

Rapid Logistics is currently operating from 7 warehouse locations across the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Providing +/-100.000 Square Meters of Warehouse space and occupying about 130.000 storage locations. Our most recent facilities are designed according to the cradle-to-cradle® philosophy, BREEAM® certified and use solar panels and reusable materials.

How we help you scale your business around the globe

Omnichannel Fulfilment

Warehousing is an integral part of your business operations. Let us help you keep track of your inventory, fulfil your orders efficiently, add value to your logistics, or reduce the risk to your products. We even offer to repack, label, and care for your returning shipments, including technical support upon delivery. We promise you and your goods are in excellent hands.

International Shipping

Your punctuality is our priority. Instead of getting distracted by time-consuming shipping challenges, let us take care of even your most unconventional requests. Select the shipment that suits you and your business’s needs, whether through air, water, or land. We’re happy to seek other ways if your project requires so. That’s what we’ve been doing from the start.

Import and Export

We help you navigate the complicated world of importing and exporting goods anywhere in the world. Get set up fast, reduce paperwork and cut costs so you can focus on scaling your business. We take care of all your import and export issues, such as customs clearance, fiscal representation, inward or outward processing, and administrative formalities. We like to do what no one else likes.

E-commerce Integration

Make running your webshop smooth and easy. We integrate your Shopify or e-commerce platform with our warehousing system so you can keep track of inventory, orders, and fulfilment. We offer a tailored service for every business. Eliminate manual work, get insights into real-time data, and make time for the things that matter to you most: achieving your business objectives.

Make sure transport and fulfilment aren’t two of your day-to-day distractions while running your company. Discover how our tailored services help streamline your operations and meet your customers’ expectations. Wherever they live.

Our tailored services enable anyone to thrive within logistics limits, from well-known international companies to upcoming brands.

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