Rapid Logistics project divisie was called to deliver 6 sets of heatexchangers and accessories from France to Venezuela.

First 2 frames were developed, which were able to support each 3 sets of heatexchangers.

After presentation and acceptation of the design and the corresponding flight schedule, the race against time could begin.

A team of 10 engineers worked 24/7 to ensure the frame would be constructed in time.

Due to the Christmas period driving hours and possibilities were limited. The first possibility after a long negotiation with the local authorities to drive these pieces over the road was the 29th of December till no later than the 30th of December.

Special permits were required as the pieces were 3,75m width and the pieces could therefore not be moved via the normal highways.

The plan of the construction company was to have the deconstructed frame ready the 28th  of December on his site at Zuidland, Netherlands. Same day a truck with collect this material and move together with a separate van with a team of construction engineers to the Airport of Vatry in France.

All the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

The 29th of December the construction personnel started in the early morning the assembly of the 2 frames.

The heatexchangers and accessories were collected the 29th of December in Nantes by 6 exceptional trucks and 1 taut liner and moved during the day and night 650km to Vatry Airport.

The 30th of December around noon the convoy of trucks and escorting vehicles arrived at Vatry airport. After inspection of the materials it seemed that a wooden frame had been included which was not accounted for when designing the frame. Modification of this wooden frame would take a day in order to have them fit.

The 31th 2 x Mobile cranes of each 45ton capacity were made available to fit the adjusted heatexchangers in to the designed frames. 8 hours later at 1500hrs in the afternoon 2 completed frames containing the 6 heatexchangers were ready for carriage at Vatry airport.

The 2nd of Januari at 0800 in the morning the Antonov 124 arrived at Vatry airport. 2 x 90ton capacity cranes were hired to move the 48 ton pieces 1 by 1 on the special exceptional truck and trailers and move them airside to the platform of the aircraft.

After a day of loading the job was completed at 1700hrs. All was secured and the journey to Venezuela could begin.