Company profile Rapid Logistics , a RAKLogistics company

Our Global Network

Rapid Logistics is part of an  extensive network reach throughout the world. And we keep reaching! (Coming near you soon!) The RAK network of offices allows fast and consistent communication and premium service to our customers. That’s the name of the game. No matter where your valuable product needs to go, we select the best method and cost to meet the needs of you and your customer.

Each RAK company is a well experienced 15+ year local market leader with strong management teams offering logistics solutions to globally recognized customers. RAK logistics officeand our expanding agent partner network positions us to serve quickly and efficiently. The RAK local market teams will manage your freight from start to finish with legacy purchasing power, regulatory compliance, visibility and unique and experienced personal attention.Keep an eye on us . . . we’re growing fast!

Who We Are

Rapid Logistics is a prime point of departure and arrival for domestic and international shipments. What started as a three-man Next Day Services operation in 1989 has since grown into a full-service logistics company with over 100 professionals on hand to provide the best possible service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the year 2000, we went global and added Logistics and Warehousing to our expertise. From a domestic courier service to a logistics specialist on a global scale, our history backs up our motto: Everything is possible.

What We Do

Boasting nearly twenty-five years’ experience in air, sea, and road freight, Rapid Logistics is up for anything. No matter what destination, no matter how exceptional the cargo, we take on every job. With our customer-driven, flexible, and creative approach, we find an efficient solution for every logistical challenge, and if a ready-made solution is not available, we will come up with a new one. We deliver every shipment, anywhere, on time, and at the best price.

Our vision , the key to succes


We historically build meaningful relationships with our customers. We strive to understand what they’re going through, what they need, what their price points are, and what’s important to them and their customers. We connect with our customers. We care.


Our goal is not to be in all locations, but the right locations to serve the global needs of our customers and partners. RAK Logistics was formed to ‘fill a gap’ in the SE Asia market (ASEAN) as well as locate in all key global trading lanes. There has never before been an ASEAN headquartered integrated logistics company located in all 10 countries with branch offices globally.


We need to be excellent at what we do. A talent pool experienced, well-trained logisticians provides the key driver to sustainable, consistent and quality execution. Measured metrics drive internal process, continuous improvement and tie to our internal incentive plans.


They are the heart and soul of RAK Logistics and they are the ones that make all the difference. Our secret sauce: Happy employees = Happy customers. A career at RAK Logistics is a lifetime engagement. This is why we rolled up a group of privately owned local companies with legacy employees servicing their customers and communities. They care.