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International premium hardware and software vendor MOUNTAIN creates innovative, premium and user-centric designs that enable gamers and content creators to achieve peak performance.

Rapid’s experience helps us to make calculated decisions. Whenever we come across an issue it’s all hands-on deck and we jointly try to solve it in the best and fastest way possible.

We reached out to Rapid Logistics as we were in a stage of fast growth and encountered operational challenges with our previous warehouse. They were not able to keep up with our order demand which held us back from further expansion. We therefore started looking for a strategic partner that could facilitate our growth ambitions as a fast-moving e-commerce company. I got in touch with Rapid immediately as we previously collaborated very successfully. Within a month time we had an agreement for warehousing, import, and export. In addition, this partnership allowed us to use Rapid’s WMS Boxture. We were immediately able to get clearer reporting and use this data analysis to improve our logistical procedures. Altogether, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in our order turnaround time, both B2B and B2C. This improved from 2.2 days to 0.9 days once we started working with Rapid. This also resulted in a drastic improvement in our customer satisfaction. We don’t see any comments on our social media anymore of customers waiting for their order or receiving the wrong packages. This led to more good reviews and as a young start-up we really need those to grow. Our data reporting has also improved significantly, and we are able to thoroughly analyse our stock levels and shipping rates.

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Rapid Logistics was instrumental in enabling our growth by scaling up quickly during hectic times, and I don’t believe any other 3PL would have been able to do what they did. ”

Sabien Madna
Cricut Logistics EMEA & APAC

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