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Logistics and warehousing have never been an easy part of your business. Until you met us.

Real-time insights

We can route, manage, and schedule your shipments with our global planning tool. Optimise and track maximum yield, increase load capacities and get real-time performance reports.

24/7 support

Our top-notch service comes with 24/7 top-quality customer support, available every hour of the day. Stay on top of your everything while we keep you updated about the latest.

Global Coverage

Expand your client base to any country you like. As long as your customer has an address, we can find it. Enjoy the benefits of an international operating company with Rapid Logistics.

Omnichannel Fulfilment

Transform your logistics and fulfilment operations from a cost centre to a revenue driver. Our first-class fulfilment services enable you to meet today’s customer expectations, be more successful online, and scale your business across boundaries. We have every process in place to upgrade your operations, whatever your business needs and wherever your customers live.

E-commerce integration

With our Warehousing Management System, you can easily integrate your software without technical know-how. Our intuitive API easily connects to your Shopify, e-commerce or ERP system. We allocate the inventory to your customer's order, provide picking instructions, and generate shipping labels to fulfil all orders successfully. Automate what you can so you can put effort into things that require a human touch.

Amazon prep services

Boost Your Amazon Success with Professional Prep Services: Streamline your inventory management, labeling, and packaging processes to maximise efficiency and focus on growing your business. Our expert Amazon prep team, allows you to focus on sourcing, marketing, and growing your Amazon business while we take care of the meticulous details of preparing your shipments.

micro mobility @ rapid logistics

Based in Amsterdam, Rapid Logistics is a leading micromobility logistics provider, managing 100,000+ vehicles annually. Our 3PL solutions leverage a global transport network, spare parts logistics, precise order fulfilment, flexible storage, city logistics with local depots, technical support, and warranty management. Additionally, we offer expert repairs and efficient battery management. Advanced IT ensures traceability and quality assurance.

Import and export services

Whether your cargo arrives or departs by air, water, road or any other way, we offer various customs clearance services, handle all kinds of authorisations, and perform all related formalities such as payment of the duties on your behalf. Don’t have a Dutch entity? We even get you up and running with the application for a Dutch VAT registration or provide (limited) fiscal representation. See here for more info.


Get your goods to any address across our planet safe and sound. Our cost-effective and time-efficient network of international experts always offers a service tailored to your needs. Whether big, small, heavy or light, we understand what it takes to deliver. Do you have an unusual request? Let’s get in touch very soon. That’s what makes the life of a logistics expert so exciting.

A quick overview of some of our services.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Rapid Logistics specialises in more than transporting or managing your stocks. Our range of Warehousing services helps you optimise the management of your supply chain. Our strategically located warehouses allow you to store your goods near you or your customers at an affordable price. We guarantee you can always access your products.

Freight Forwarding

Freight Forwarding is one of our lifelong expertise. With experience in exceptional transport, break-bulk shipping and heavy lifting, our goal is to provide an excellent end-to-end service. Our Project Freight Forwarding department takes good care of your and your business’s needs and ensures all cargo is handled safely and effectively.

White Glove Services

A premium delivery service marked with special attention to detail. We like to exceed your expectations by taking exceptional care of your goods, providing a personal experience to your customers, and solving issues before they even arise. The first impression says everything. Especially once every little detail is fully taken care of. Personal, easy, and fast.

Connect your system

Give your business the competitive edge it needs in today’s global, omnichannel ecosystem and integrate your e-commerce platform to our Warehouse Management System at the click of a button. No longer be surprised by unforeseen stock shortages or lost packages. We take care of your business, from A – Z and everything in between.

Fiscal representation

We aim to find a practical and compliant solution for your VAT and import duties challenges. To prevent rules from working against you, we use our expertise in those rules to protect you. Our Fiscal Representation possibilities make your life easier, help you get a solid grip on all European VAT obligations, and achieve considerable cash flow benefits.


Rapid Logistics has been our road map for operational excellence. From the start, their team acted as an extension to our company, solving issues before we even knew we had them. Our youthful online shoppers expect the best service - free returns, flexible delivery, and even share-worthy unboxing experiences. Rapid understands how to deal with those, sometimes unlikely, requests.”

Matthieu Jansen

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