Import and Export

Rapid Logistics is an experienced customs agent with an extensive amount of in-house knowledge. Whether your cargo arrives or departs by airfreight, ocean freight, truck or any other modality, we can offer multiple customs clearance services (e.g. import and export), handle all kinds of clearances (e.g. regular import, veterinary, Inward and outward processing) and perform all related formalities such as payment of the duties on your behalf.

We can perform customs clearance and tax formalities in combination with (bonded) warehouse storage. This means that we can customs clear your shipments and store them in our warehouse, or decide to keep them under a bonded status (e.g. in case the shipment will be sold in another country under the buyer’s responsibility).

During this customs clearance process, we can prepare all your customs documents, and perform the customs clearance using our deferred monthly payment of the import duties and taxes. In both this import and export process we can also help you with the preparation of any additional customs document such as a Eur.1, ATR or Certificate of Origin.

If you do not have a Dutch entity we can provide a solution as well, we can either help you with the application for a Dutch VAT registration or provide (limited) fiscal representation. In the  case of (limited) fiscal representation, we offer an entire package, which means we can also offer periodical filing of sales tax returns and filing of ICL Intrastat tax returns.

Shortly, our services comprise:

• Customs clearance and tax formalities in combination with storage (bonded warehouse)
• Customs clearance with deferred monthly payment of EU duties
• Preparation of customs documents
• Preparation of supplementary commercial documents
• Inward and outward processing
• Fiscal representation
• Assistance for foreign companies in applying for Dutch VAT registration
• Periodical filing of sales tax returns
• Filing of ICL Intrastat tax returns