Unleash the full potential of your supply chain with our import & export services

We ensure your goods are imported and exported successfully, including acquiring and accurately documenting the compliance requirements. Benefit from a service that lets you avoid delays and streamline your shipments.

Taking care of all your import and export challenges, so you no longer depend on administrative difficulties.

Bonded Storage

We have extensive in-house experience to support you with performing customs clearance in combination with (bonded) warehouse storage. This means that we can customs clear your shipments and store them in our warehouse or decide to keep them under a connected status (e.g. in case the shipment will be sold in another country).

Fiscal representation

We aim to find a practical and compliant solution for your VAT and import duties challenges. To prevent rules from working against you, we use our expertise in those rules to protect you. Our Fiscal Representation possibilities make your life easier, help you get a solid grip on all European VAT obligations, and achieve considerable cash flow benefits.

Tax formalities

If your company does not have an appropriate Dutch entity, our offices also have the right solutions in place. We can help you with the application for a Dutch VAT. In both import and export processes, we help you prepare any additional customs document such as a Eur.1, ATR or Certificate of Origin.

Customs Clearance

We allow businesses to process goods imported or exported from outside the EU territory, whether to sell the products within the Union or outside. We help you process inwardly and outwardly without the administrative paperwork or time-consuming negotiations. Our years of experience enable us to move forward together so you can focus on growing your business globally.

Real time insights

We can route, manage, and schedule your shipments with our global planning tool. Optimise and track maximum yield, increase load capacities and get real-time performance reports.

24/7 support

Our top-notch service comes with a 24/7 top-quality customer support, available every hour of the day. Stay on top of your everything while we keep you updated about the latest.

Global Coverage

Expand your client base to any country you like. As long as your customer has an address, we can find it. Enjoy the benefits of an international operating company with Rapid Logistics.

Next service

Get your goods to any address across our planet safe and sound. Our cost-effective and time-efficient network of international experts always offers a service tailored to your needs. Whether big, small, heavy or light, we understand what it takes to deliver. Do you have an unusual request? Let’s get in touch very soon. That’s what makes the life of a logistics expert so exciting.”

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