Shipping that gives you control, every step of the way

Rapid Logistics is your partner in logistics. We remove uncertainty and barriers to getting your goods from and to your customers. No matter the means of transportation, we have tailored solutions for your business. As long as your customer has an address, we can find it.

Our decades of experience, technological expertise, and commitment to collaboration ensure we always deliver on time.

Road Freight: Your gateway to Europe


We make it easier than ever for you to access your customers all over Europe, improving the efficiency and punctuality of your operations. Our extensive network becomes an extension of your business with excellent providers who know local European roads as the back of their hands. To maximise your business operations, we offer strategic consolidations, better prices and faster deliveries. That’s how we stay on top of your road transport.

Project Freight Forward: A place for exceptional cargo

Do you have an unusual request but still demand the same dedication for it to be transported with care and security? Then you’ve come to the right address. With our vast experience in exceptional transports, break-bulk shipping and heavy lifts, we always have an answer to your special deliveries. We search for a suitable solution for you in collaboration with our partners to transport cargo that does not fit a typical carrier. We take care of all shapes and sizes.

Parcel Delivery: Your customers reached fast


We are committed to providing you and your customers with the most efficient parcel sending experience. Our easy-to-use system gives you control over your delivery operations. Easily track your parcel from booking to delivery, with guaranteed speed and perfection. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so our parcel delivery service is tailored to your company size and customer base. We’re experts in both domestic and international parcel deliveries.

Air Freight: Shipments on the fly


We offer reliable and worry-free air freight solutions. Getting your cargo through international borders needs dedication, know-how and a network of professional freight experts. Our combination of technology, infrastructure and customised supply chain solutions allows us to deliver faster transit times and better service. We understand, like no other, that having your air cargo on time is critical. That’s we’re on time, all the time.

Ocean Freight: Seas opportunities


If perfection is more important than speed or your shipments exceed the limitations for air cargo, shipping by sea is an economically attractive alternative to air freight. We enable small and medium-sized businesses to grow by simplifying their end-to-end logistics. Whether it’s about getting your goods within the same continent or shipping to the other side of the world, we have what it takes to get it there safe and sound. We can ship your cargo to over 300 ports globally.

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Transform your logistics and fulfilment operations from a cost centre to a revenue driver. Our first-class fulfilment services enable you to meet today’s customer expectations, be more successful online, and scale your business across boundaries. We have every process in place to upgrade your operations, whatever your business needs and wherever your customers live.”

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