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Why Rapid Logistics is your new way forward.

Everything is possible

From a three-person domestic courier service to a global logistics specialist with over 100 colleagues, our history backs up our motto: Everything is possible. Our people-driven and tech-enabled approach provide the key drivers to sustainable, consistent, quality execution. Will you join our we-can-do-everything-mentality team?

With people like this

We value our colleagues and customers and are dedicated to connecting our people with opportunities. We celebrate our colleagues, their highlights, and their ambitions. As global logistics specialists, we know a thing or two about getting into the right stream forward, and that’s precisely what we like our people to get into too.

From all over the world

We work together across time zones, regions, and offices. Located at strategically-chosen places, our international teams celebrate our cultural differences and build a strong community together. We’re not bound to physical locations to connect on an emotional level, so let’s connect soon, wherever you live!

We are Rapid Logistics. We dare to take risks and go off the beaten track. It's not unusual for us to do things that are unheard of in our industry.

If you like to work with fun, diverse, and ambitious people, this is your sign! We believe excellent service is inevitably linked with a great internal atmosphere. We’re building an international infrastructure we genuinely believe in, and we’re proud our people exceed expectations every step. Our focus is to lift each other without competing with each other. Only then you can make the most out of every day.

Put your career into the next gear

Apart from attractive benefits, working at Rapid Logistics also allows you to develop your professional and personal skills. We highly value a healthy work-life balance, enabling you to grow within the unlimited freedom of our company. We encourage you to learn from inspiring colleagues with a proven track record of managing an esteemed logistics company. We’re up for anything, boasting nearly 30 years of experience in air, sea, and road freight. Are you steering towards a new adventure or want to take your career to a higher level? Then look no further. Rapid Logistics is your route to new highlights. Discover our open roles, or feel free to ask about other opportunities.