Welcome to your new logistics department. We’re a team of shipping experts and efficiency fanatics, ready to simplify your operations and grow your business.

We improve and ensure operational excellence for e-commerce companies and SMEs to realise their full potential. Today’s consumers expect a fast and effortless experience with your company. We’re here to upgrade your transport and fulfilment to meet your customer demands and guarantee they have the best possible experience with your products and brand. Although the world is becoming smaller every day, the logistics issues we face are getting more complex. Over the past three decades, we’ve become a fundamental partner for regional, national, and international companies to professionalise their operations, help them become more intelligent about their logistics, and reach their customers faster. That’s the Rapid way.

Many logistics issues can only be solved by cutting-edge technology. Still, it’s our people who always go the extra mile and make a difference for our clients, partners and colleagues. That’s why our people serve as our company compass.

Rapid aims to become the leading logistics and warehousing partner for e-commerce companies and SMEs around the world.

Founded in 1989, Rapid Logistics is a Dutch-based and international-orientated company serving well-known businesses around the world. Our mission is to shorten the distance between people and companies by offering modern logistical solutions for today’s requirements. Initiated as a courier company, we noticed the truckload full of requirements, paperwork and patience it demands to ensure your logistics are running smoothly and efficiently. Over the years, we’ve picked, packed, stored, shipped, and cleared endless packages, goods and even windmills through international borders and territories. Our extended network of shippers and handlers, plus our global coverage, have supported us in offering the best possible service for companies who demand efficiency, transparency and rapidness. We believe bringing in a bit of audacity and perseverance makes us stand out as an excellent partner for you and your business.

Join us and become part of a skilled and ambitious team to elevate a conventional market. Our people are at the heart of everything we do, solving today’s issues with tomorrow’s innovations. Our growth ambitions go beyond boundaries, so we’re always looking for people who don’t think inside boxes. Even though we move them every day.