Our road to climate neutral: Our ambition is to play a leading role in the global energy transition.

Our emissions are foot-printed annually and divided into two categories:

Direct emissions (Scope 1 / 2)
Scope 1 and 2 emissions that Rapid Logistics directly uses, such as electricity and gas used in warehouses, our use of paper, car parks, and business travel. We focus on increasing our CO2 efficiency by using paper filling-materials instead of plastics, reducing our paper usage in offices and warehouses, recycling all plastics and cartons, and migrating to electric vehicles in our car park. In 2021 this represented 16% of our emissions.


Indirect emissions (Scope 3)

Our emissions for services that we offer to clients such as transportation (air / ocean / road), pallets, packaging materials, etc. In 2021 this represented approximately 84% of our emissions. We look for solutions to become more efficient together with our clients, and we actively offer a portfolio of green transport and warehousing services. Our goal is to work closely together with our partners today so that we can have a significant impact tomorrow.

To reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in line with the European Green Deal, and ultimately move forward in our ambitions to become climate-neutral, we are partnering with many great companies within our chain. We joined forces with them to continuously find new, innovative ways to rethink how we ship, store and fulfil orders.


How we reduce our footprint

FSC / Recyclable materials

We have selected cardboard vendors that offer a mix of 70% FSC cartons and aim to have 100% recyclable materials by 2023 and 100% recycled materials by 2030.


All single-use plastic are separated and recycled, both in our warehouse and our offices. We only purchase high-quality PEFC-certified pallets from selected suppliers.


Partnership with DHL through which our clients can integrate with DHL’s GoGreen Climate Neutral service.

Emission analysis tool

Rapid is currently implementing a co2 footprint optimisation software. This analysis tool allows us to provide even more detailed insight to our clients regarding their emissions, based on country (origin/destination), modality, client, etc.

BREEAM certifications

Our newest buildings are BREEAM certified (Building Research Environmental Assessment) and contain Energy saving methods such as light pumps and a green office roof.

Solar rooftop systems

Our new warehouses are using direct green energy solutions such as solar rooftop systems, where possible, and green energy contracts.