Our road to climate neutral as part of the global energy transition.

Our emissions are calculated annually and divided into two categories:

Rapid's emissions
Scope 1, 2 and even some scope 3 emissions that Rapid Logistics directly uses in our offices and warehouses. We increase our CO2 efficiency by using innovative carbon neutral warehouses, solar energy solutions, and migrating our car park to electric vehicles. Our strategic goal is to be net zero on these emissions by 2030.


Client services

We don’t stop at our own emissions, and try to reduce the scope 3 emissions of services to our clients as much as possible.  We look for solutions and partnerships to allow our clients becoming more energy efficient. Our strategic goal is to reduce these emissions by 30% by 2030.

Our activities to become more carbon efficient:


We have selected cardboard vendors that offer a mix of 70% FSC cartons and aim to have 100% recycled materials by 2030. All single use plastics, cardboard and wood are separated in our warehouses and recycled.

BREEAM certified buildings

Our warehouses are BREEAM certified and contain Energy saving methods such as light pumps and a green office roof. Gas is no longer used as these warehouses are fully electric.

Innovative warehouses

Our latest warehouses are built cradle to cradle, and are whole life carbon net zero by 2040. The buildings will have a Positive carbon output of 4.588 Tons co2e by 2050.

Solar Rooftop solutions

Solar rooftop systems provide us directly with 1050Mw annually, which equals 50% of our energy consumption. The remaining 50% of our energy consumption is sourced from green energy contracts as much as possible.

POF technology

Our internet infrastructure is built with POF technology. This innovative technology uses 90% less materials, and the infrastructure uses 40% less energy.